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Lions draft pick to fulfill military obligation

Posted on: July 24, 2008 2:26 pm
Edited on: July 24, 2008 2:30 pm

As by now most of you are in tune with what has been going on with West Point Grad Caleb Campbell.  If not here is a link to get you caught up.

Well the almighty one Gregg Doyel has come out and said that  "It's possible our country has killed Caleb Campbell".  WOW!  Are you kidding me?  I usually just read their articles but for a professional sports writer to come out and make an accusation like that, is simply baffling to me.  I first questioned CBS for allowing such a statement, but then again they allow a lot of stuff us readers disagree with.  Here is the article in case some of you have yet to see it.

Also he points out that Campbell was promised the chance to play in the NFL.  I for one want to see where Doyel gets this from.  The Army has never promised me anything.  They have given me numerous things in return for my service, in which I signed a piece of paper agreeing to serve X amount of years and have always fulfilled their agreement.  So oh great one, Gregg Doyel, please show me where Campbell signed this so called promise. 

The Army has many policies and regulations and sometimes they change.  Not everyone agrees with them, but generally they are what is best for the Army and not any one person. 

For the most part, of all the negative comments I have read, they come from people who A) never served B) too young to know any better C) former/disgruntled service members. 

The soon to be 2LT Campbell had the option to leave West Point after his sophomore year, he choose to stay and pursue his military career.  Now he owes the Army 2 years for his 4 year degree and has to pay no money in return.  He will be paid a decent salary and has full health benefits while serving.  The benefits are greater than most people know.  Not to bad a deal if you ask me. 

Now some will say well what is wrong with the old policy.  Well for one it is going against what the DoD policy states, which is why the DoD told the Department of Army to re-look their policy.  The Army was the only service who was allowing cadets the opportunity to forgoe its Active Duty requirment in return for a reserve recruiter slot.  I don't know how many of you realize this, but when was he going to fulfill his duties as a recruiter?  During the 6 weeks of personal time during the off-season?  What personal appearances at local recruiting stations?  Yeah that will make so many young people interested in joining the Army.  I would like to take a poll and find out how many people joined the Navy, just because David Robinson was once in the Navy.  My bet is the numbers would be pretty low.  Now one final note, go down to your local recruiting offices and tell me how many officers you see there.  And don't go to just one, but go to a few and go to them more than once and you will see my point. 

Campbell would have a been a face for the Army for a couple years, but would that have truly benefited the Army in anyway?  No.  The face of the Army is one united front standing up against our enemies foreign and domestic and defending our freedom.

Good Luck 2LT Caleb Campbell.


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